I’m still alive guys 💞

Good whatever time it is in your country 🌙

After good 2 years where I have totally forgotten about this blog, I thought about getting started again. This time, it is for me, as I searched for my blog, I read through my old posts and text and can you believe it ? I kept smiling the entire time ( sometimes I cringed a lot though ). It is a good memory for me, so that's the reason why I'm starting again, to create some memories for myself and to maybe make you guys laugh about my super weird life !

You can guess that I've changed a lot through the two years. So here's a update !

I'm 16 years old now ( I turn 17 in January ), I'm in 11th grade and I'm an aspiring med student ! So med students are welcomed here !
Also, I'm obsessed with studying, sounds crazy but it's true!

These information should be good for now, I'm sure you will find out more about soon !

I hope you have as much fun as me and leave a comment, telling me something about you !


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