The ‚Breakfast-Desaster‘

Hello 🌙

Yesterday morning, both of my parents didn’t work.That’s why they wanted to eat together, with me and my brother.But the thing was, they didn’t know that I read the whole night a book…

I know why have you read a book?

Well…this book was sooo passionating, that I really couldn’t resist and read it till the end.And the end was 2 o’clock in the morning.

If you are like me, you will understand that after this whole reading-session, you can’t wake up at 9 o’clock and eat.

Normally, I would sleep till 11 or maybe later or maybe earlier (which is not that often).

Well, at the morning my father woke me up to go and eat with them.I said that I will come, but after a few seconds I fell a sleep again …and I dreamed about money trees.Don’t ask me why idk it too hahahah.

Suddenly something dropped on my forhead…some thing like water and then buuumm a whole water bottle was all over me.I looked like a wet dog.And no, dogs can look cute when they are wet, but I really wasn’t looking cute…



I shouted 《DAD WHY?!ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?!》and what did he answered? 《 You didn’t come for breakfast…》

I really can’t understand why he did that.My family is really….unique I can say….
This is a very good example for you to see how silly my family is.But what ever they do or have done they are my family and I’m happy that I have them.

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