Long walks ☁

I always like to go for a long walk every week with my dog.Even when it’s cold.Because some times you just need yourself (and your dog) and the nature to calm down.Maybe you have at the moment too many thoughts and don’t not how to handle it all.Long walks with fresh air always help.
On long walks like that, I really can keep a cold head and make good decisions.Some times our body need to relax ,an exploring the nature is always great.


Even when you don’t have any thoughts,problems etc. It is always good to go outside, listen to the nature and breath the fresh air. It calms down, and refresh you.Because our life is full with social networks,mobile phones, internet, everything.Having a short break of it and reshow ourselves how beautiful our nature is, is always good . Especially when you are young like me.
People forget how beautiful our nature is, when they are always looking on their phones.Just turn off .And enjoy nature.☁🍁


My phone can’t focus it -.- it’s anooying 😐


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