What to do when your heart is broken

This post is not only for girls,it’s for boys too.I know it maybe will not be in their tastes, but in fact it will still helps,it doesn’t matter.

If you got heartbroken,it hurts.It’s not a pain that you really feel like a pain,it’s more like a weird feeling you have in your tummy area and head area.You feel empty and useless.And this can last for months.
I will not tell you,it will go away very fast.Because it won’t.It needs time to heal.But here are some tips,who will not make it that ‚bad‘.



It might seem dumb,but at least crying  helps so much.Even if you don’t want to show feelings or want to cry.If cry ,you don’t show weakness.To cry don’t mean that you are weak.Leave your emotions out as often as you need to.You will see it will help a lot.It’s like a huuuuge  load falling of you.Believe me.

2.Do nothing

Sounds crazy,it may can be,but just sit there,stare at the wall and do nothing.I don’t why but me helped that so much!
You can try it out and see if it helped


I’m not a big fan of diversion,because at the end of the day every thing will come to your mind ,which you have tried to forget that day.It is great to just turn off all of your worries and pain for just one day,but you will see that the pain will probably come in the night.
Maybe it helps you to forget him,maybe not.You just need to try.

4.No contact with him

Sounds hard,but this is the reality.You want to get rid if him?Block him,delete his number and DON’T STALK HIM !!
It’s important to just don’t think of him.Don’t do it and you will see that it will help a lot.

(I know it’s hard,especially when you both decided to be ‚friends‘.In my opinion you can’t be friends with the one you had a realtion ship with.Because either you have never loved each other or you are still in love with each other.I hope you understand what I want to say )

So block them on facebook, whats app, Instagram… every where! You will see how much it help to forget him.

5.Do what makes you happy

Do your favourite sport, meet friends, play your favourite Instrument, eat your favourite food. And do what ever you want! You will see it will makes your whole life getting happiert 😉

6.Go out!

One tip.Meet new boys!It may sounds not really ‚good‘, but just have fun you are young and you need to live your love life.Maybe you find THE Boy , you will never know:)
(This should not happend right after the break up!)

And at least, never forget that life still goes on.Life has highs and downs and maybe this is one of the downs. Don’t a boy drag you down like this.There millions of boys out there and some day you will meet the perfect one for you.But you can’t meet him, if you don’t let the old one go.Imagine that you still too focused on the boy who broked your heart ans because of that you couldn’t see THE boy.Maybe your love of your life is near you.Every one goes through it and even tough it not seems like it would end, the end is near.Nevee give up and don’t let you fall in a deep hole of depressions.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Never forget that.



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