My not so shining Life #1

Hello 🙂

This is a new ideo from me to do a ‚Every-day-diary‘ ,I will write here everything what happend during the day,what I thought with little pictures(that I have drawn on pics art or that I have taken during the day)

I really hope that you like the idea soo yes.


(This pic will be on all of this ^^)

Monday 12.10.15 part 1 :

Great start in the week I would say.Or not.Yesterday night my ex- crush (!!!!) Texted me.Let’s call him Christian  (it’s not his real name )
When I first saw the messages, my face looked like this :


You know ,I don’t have any feelings left for him…well I think so…I really hope so…Maybe you need to know a little bit of the backroundstory.So I will tell you it very quick:

In 5th grade he loved me.Me too.
6th we were a couple for 2 1/2 months
I broke up,because of my parents.
7th grade he told me that he isn’t in love with me anymore.
I was ok with that.
8th grade I realised ,that I was still in love him but he totally finished with me.
We are friends.
We hug each other,do things together…
Wonderful day….I saw that HE is in love with …let’s call her Mia,one of my friends.Well I just think that,but every thing is really showing that.
So my heart got broken…I cried….


Maybe I cried a little bit too much but….

During that time I haven’t had any contact with him,which was good.
So I came to school after summer holidays and Boooom new hot boy in our class.
And all my tears are away .

His name is Nathan.
He has dark brown hair,big brown eyes, and omg he is soooo tall *-*♡♡♡♡

My heart literally melted away when I saw him.
I don’t think,that I’m in love with him.

So little flashback and backroundinformation.

So this messages,which came after yeaaars of silence,really suprised me.


Hey we haven’t written a long time,how are you?

I’m fine and you?

Me too ,what are you doing?

And so on.


Well at least ,we are beginning to be friends again ,which I think is cool,because he is a friend of Nathan and…you know…maybe I can have so contact with Nathan…

Tomorrow will come part 2!Cause this day have been so weird but funny 😉

Leave me in the comments ,how you think the idea of telling you something about my life?

All names are not the real names!Just in case some one I know will read this.


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