Review Sleek Palatte ❤

Hello 🌙

For today I have this very cool palatte from Sleek ,called ‚ volume 1 del mar‘.It’s a limited edition and I really like it.


Maybe I need to say that,there where I live (Germany) you can’t buy those in stores (or I just didn’t see them ) .
So I literally freaked out,when I saw them I’m so happy that i bought it.


The colours are all very colourful and good pigmentet.I really like it,that there are colours how have a little bit of glitter in them and some who are matt.
Those colours can be use during school or in your normal life ,when you chose the right colours.
I will make a make-up look soon, so you can see how it works.

The palatte cost in the store, where  I bought 10€ I really don’t know how much this is in $ I’m so sorry :/.


The colours have really cute names too btw. Like pool side or sunset trip.


Here you can see the pigmentaition.
I need to say that the last colours are pigmentet too,but I accidentally rubbed them of 😦 .

All in all this palatte is great to create fresh looks especially in summer and spring.The colours have a great pigmentation and can be used for make-up art too!

I hope you like my first review and see you next time :)❤

#beauty #sleek


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