The power of a SMILE :)


One thing that really changed my life is a story a friend told me.

The story (told from the perspective of my friend :

I was in the restaurant yesterday and next to me sat a very sad looking old man.
I really felt bad for him, because he looked so sad,worried,powerless and lonely.So I looked to him and smiled very brightly.The whole evening I have smiled at  him and we stood up to go home he came and told me that all the smiles I gave him, gave him a little bit of power.He has a very bad time right now ,a lot of sugeries (operations) and it took him all of his power,but because I smiley at him it gave him power to keep continuing.So he said thank you for smiling at him.

After I heard it I was like omg that’s so sad.And I told myself, that I will always smiling at some one ,even when it looks funny or dumb …I will.Because some times your little smile can change the mood of the Person you smile at.You don’t know how he feels, but smiling can help so much.
It’s so little but can change worlds.It’s a friendly symbol and cost nothing.

Just smile more at people instead of looking emotionsless.

Smiling can change.
Just do it, it’s not much, but for some one it can mean so much.


So just keep smiling 🙂

I wish you have all good days 🙂


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